Welcome to the Website of IUOE Local 98

The next monthly meeting is a notified meeting and will be held on April 24, 2017 at 7pm at the Local 98 Training School.

A Unique Union

We are one of two hoisting and portable locals in the State of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and the only hoisting and portable union in the state of Vermont.

As you browse through our web site you will see that we provide upgrade training to our members as well as a quality apprenticeship program for new members.

We also have a very aggressive organizing program in place. This assures a high standard of living to our members and offers the same opportunity to other workers who perform operating engineer type work in our jurisdiction for their current employers.

We ask for your patience as the process of developing a web site is new to us.

We invite you to follow along as we build our site and feel free to get involved and send your comments and suggestions to pchaffee@local98.org .




If you are out of work, it is your responsibility to call the Union Hall to put your name on the “Out of Work List”. This will enhance your opportunity for work during the winter months. If you are working, please call the Union Hall and have your name taken off the “Out of Work List”. This will help to keep a more accurate list of who is available for work.


We encourage all members to become NCCCO certified. This will be a great opportunity to enhance your marketability and provide work year round.

Dave Kazimierczak – 413-548-9508